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Why Tile Roofing?? 

​A tile roof is a beautiful enhancement you can make to your home. While the initial expense of a tile roof can be much more than that of a shingle or metal roof... The longevity of the tiles compared to other materials will pay for itself over time. It has been proven that roofing tiles can last to the upwards of 50 years as the tiles will not rot or burn and can not be harmed by insects! There are a wide variety of tile colors as well as styles. There is the traditional Spanish and Mediterranean styles and the less common slate tile and wood shake tile styles. The most valuable feature of tile roofing is the fact that the tiles are non-combustable, meaning they are fire resistant! Call us today and you can work with one of the top Tile Roofing companies in Melbourne and all of Brevard County! 

             Light Grey Blend                        Terracambra Range                         Mount Dora Blend 

                 Adobe Blend                              Charcoal Blend                            Floridan Blend 

Our Promise:
We do not cut corners to save money. We use only top quality metals and materials. Remember: "Good Construction Isn't Cheap and Cheap Construction Isn't Good."

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Mike Willis Roofing & Construction LLC.

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We've Got You Covered:
If it rains while we are tearing the roof off, we stock 20’x100’ rolls of heavy plastic on our trucks and always make sure your roof is watertight before leaving each day. Your property and contents are important to us.  ​​