There are many sizes available. Custom Sizes available upon request. 

4"x4" Impact Resistant

Glass Skylight

2"x4" Impact Resistant

Glass Skylights 

Solar attic fans: 

Ventilation is key. In the state of Florida, your roof can get to the upwards of 160 degrees! If your attic is not ventilated, that air becomes trapped, increasing the interior temperature of the home. By installing a solar attic fan, you can create a more energy efficient home while also reducing your cooling bill. By reducing the heat build up in your attic, it is easier to maintain a cooler temperature inside your house while also increasing the performance and life time of your air conditioning unit. There are solar fans available for every roof type and install seamlessly with no electrical wiring. Moisture is another big concern in attics. Even though there are typically vapor barriers to keep moisture from entering the attic, there are air leaks around bathroom exhaust fans and ceiling light fixtures that allow moisture into the attic. Condensation on the roof trusses and the inside of the roof deck potentially rot the trusses or deck.

skylights and sun tunnel instulation in brevard county florida

​"I LOVE my new skylight... My once dark kitchen is now flooded with natural light!"

-Kathy D. 

Low profile dome design parallels slope of roof for attractive appearance. (Rustic Evergreen Shingles) 

Most Insulations are as little as $800.00!

Perfect For:  

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Walk-in closets 
  • Anywhere needing more natural light. 

The Sun Tunnel comes with a Ten year warranty by VELUX® a skylight manufacturer with more than 60 years of experience and is built to last. Impact Resistant also available.

With Florida's Premier Construction and Roofing Contractors



We install the VELUX® Sun Tunnels and Skylights which are an elegant way to increase the natural light in any room. The roof to ceilingSun Tunnels can be installed in two-three hours. If you're ever near our office, stop in and see a Sun Tunnel in action! Mike installed one in the office to allow customers to see first hand how affective they are. The Images below are pictures of the Sun Tunnel installed in our office building.