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The summer months in our beautiful state can pose a real threat to our roofs. Call Mike Willis Roofing and Construction, LLC. to ensure you and your family are safe! We offer Well-Roof Checks, a full check up service for your roof. We will check plumbing flashings, wall flashings, vents and walk the entire roof checking for any potential hazards.

Shingle Well-Roof Check: $300.00

Metal Well-Roof Check: $400.00

Tile Well-Roof Check: $500.00

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a new tile roof will give you that elegant spanish style everyone will envy!

This new home was roofed with top of the line Victorian Metal Shingles. This material comes standard with a 20 year warranty and would look stunning on any home!

A few available metal colors:

We've Got You Covered:
Trust us with your home's roof replacement. If it rains while we are tearing off the roof we stock 20’x100’ rolls of heavy six mill plastic on our trucks and always make sure your roof is watertight before leaving each day. Your property and contents are important to us.  

Get the key west style look! 


imagine, design, Build.

Our Promise:
As one of Brevard's top residential roofing contractors, We do not cut corners to save money. We use only top quality metals and materials.
Remember: "Good Construction Isn't Cheap and Cheap Construction Isn't Good."


ROOF REPLACEMENT: ·      We will obtain a city or county permit and at your request provide a certificate of insurance. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to obtain a notice of commencement, however, if you wish we will obtain one for you at a charge of $25.00 ·      We will remove all of the old roofing and dry in down to the deck.  We then re-nail the deck to the new codes.  Re-nailing the deck may save you money on your homeowners insurance. We will haul off the debris and then run a sweeping magnet around the perimeter of the building to pick up any fallen nails. ·      In most cases we can back up the trucks to the edge of the roof and throw the old roofing directly into the truck. If we cannot we will make a pile and carry the trash to the truck, this is usually the case when the roof is very steep and the trash slides off. We will use care and do our best not to damage anything. However, accidents do happen, so please keep us informed and of any problems and we will promptly attend to any concerns you may have.