Why Metal Roofing??

Metal Roofing in the state of Florida is a perfect option for many reasons. Metal roofing gives any home that Key West style look all of your neighbors will envy! Also, the metal panels are available in many different colors so you are sure to find something to fit your unique taste. Not only is it a good choice for aesthetic reasons, but for safety reasons too! In our beautiful hurricane-prone state, we can expect high winds during the summer months... With a metal roof, the panels are interlocking which provide maximum wind resistance! The lightweight panels come with an excellent warranty as well. The warranties provided for the metal panels are almost always transferrable from one owner to the next. Mike Willis Roofing and Construction, LLC. has many years of successful experience with metal roofing in Brevard County! When you hire our company, you can know you are dealing with one of the top roofing companies in Melbourne and all of Brevard County! 

5-V Crimp:

This home has the most popular of the available metal options, 5-V crimp. These strong, durable and energy efficient panels have an exposed fastener making application a breeze! The easy application makes for an economically friendly roof option! There are over 35 available colors to choose from, with 19 of them having Fade Resistant Technology. 

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Standing Seam:

These homeowners chose a Standing Seam Metal Roof system. This is an ultra-premium, hidden screw metal roofing system. This provides you with a clean, smooth appearance while also protecting the fasteners from the harsh Florida weather elements. It is strong, durable, energy efficient, and practically maintenance-free! Making it the perfect fit for mid to high-end homes and Commercial projects. Offered in 15 fade-resistant colors!

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We've Got You Covered:
If it rains while we are tearing the roof off, we stock 20’x100’ rolls of heavy plastic on our trucks and always make sure your roof is watertight before leaving each day. Your property and contents are important to us.  ​​

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Our Promise:
We do not cut corners to save money. We use only top quality metals and materials. Remember: "Good Construction Isn't Cheap and Cheap Construction Isn't Good."

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